2023 Social Media Predictions

Jacob Cardwell
Jacob Cardwell

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And take a deep breath. You have made it through 2022 (nearly, at least). After a turbulent year of war, questionable Twitter buyouts and one of the best Eurovision in recent memory, we now have our eyes (and ears) set on the future.

Whilst we aren’t mystic meg, here to tell you your particular future (although we do host an in-house astrology expert ♈️), we can put our social-first brains together to compile a list of the must-know upcoming social trends. So, put your labcoats on and hop in the time machine because we are taking a brief trip to 2023.

Insider Tea ☕️:

A well-written blog post always has some great sources. So here are some of the Spin teams’ predictions around social in 2023 (trust us, we are experts 😉):

Max (Co-founder and CBO 🕶):
“We’ll no doubt find more brands exploring the halfway-house to the Metaverse by bringing sensory elements and further gamification to social.

With the increased demand for integrity and authenticity on social content, I can’t help but think there will be a moment of reflection on the vehicle itself that’s driving this.”

Sophie (Senior Content Creator 📸):
“Live shopping is going to take over! Think QVC for TikTok. Interactive, live content with influencers giving live, unfiltered, unedited product commentary. Honest, risky, but very effective.”

Emily (Senior Account Manager 🧠):
“With brands like McCain inserting themselves into the Metaverse through their latest campaign collaboration with Roblox, it’s only a matter of time before even more follow suit. Finding an original link to these exciting innovations within social will be a game changer for brands. Clearly, a standalone campaign doesn’t work, and those most native to the Metaverse aren’t impressed. This forward-thinking approach needs to be explored with a long-term strategy rather than a flash-in-the-pan campaign to win over the gaming community.”

Courtney (Account Manager 🪄):

“I can see parodies of social apps being created, my faves being Delayagram, Toebook, and BeFake being introduced into the mix. It’ll allow users to do the exact opposite of what you can do on the real version of the apps.”

(New Spin packages coming soon?)

Cherie (Mid-weight Creative Designer 🎨):

“The rising ‘curated chaos’ design style (@bigsexypizza, @sourpatchkids) of 2022 will continue into next year, with even less focus on clean aesthetics.

With Gen Z’s love for Y2K still prominent, there may be a rise in the older, nostalgic design trends of the early 2000s. Think magazine collages, WordArt ( :/ ) and 90’s digital computer graphics!”

Julian (Account Manager and Horoscope Expert ♎️):

“AR filters will be used for shopping. In fact, Snapchat has already started to experiment with this.

Shopping on social media will become a lot more common across more platforms. Twitter shop, maybe?

The short-form vs long-form content debate will die out. With TikTok allowing longer videos and YouTube introducing shorts, people will avoid prioritising a certain video length.”

Grace (Senior Paid Account Manager 💰):

“Audio and sounds will only become more prevalent for advertisers on social media in 2023. We’ve seen how TikTok transformed the music industry by turning old songs or unknown musicians into total chart-toppers. I think this will be even more important in the coming year.  With social advertising platforms such as Meta bringing out new ad enhancements, such as automatically adding music to your video ads, this can only signify how important audio will be for brands on social in 2023.”

Jacob (Copywriter✍️):

“In line with TikTok and BeReal, the push for honesty and authenticity will finally reach copy next year. After quite a brash and ballsy scene for copy in 2022, next year could be all about relatability throughout the copy. Imperfections, colloquialisms and honesty will become central.”

Now, onto the blog…

Personas are DEAD 🪦

We’ve all seen them. Time and time again, our brand decks have been filled to the brim with made-up individual personas. What do they like for breakfast, what do they watch on Netflix, and how do they spend their evening? Except, there’s a bit of a problem. In 2023, social brands will move further away from personas and target their broader brand communities.

Various social sites echo these through their developments, where Twitter Communities and Facebook groups have been the spaces where consumers treat product recommendations with the utmost sincerity and respect. Navigating these social communities will be critical in 2023. It will soon become less about individual influencers streaming content and more about the dialogue between all community members in these spaces (groups, comment sections, twitter threads etc.).

Here, we must focus on developing connections with communities by truly understanding online interactions – and acting quickly to join them. Good community management will be essential. These micro-communities may have smaller audiences, but they’re worth their weight in gold with high engagement rates.

Over here at Spin, we embed ‘community’ across every brand pillar and every post type to reach and cultivate loyal brand fans.

Listen VERY Carefully 👂

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of sonic marketing. But, no, we aren’t talking about the blue super-fast hedgehog; we are talking about the world of sounds and audio. From a focus on words (Twitter and Facebook) to images (Instagram and Snapchat) to the new epoch of sounds (Enter: TikTok), Social media sites have always played with the senses to keep the user glued to their timeline and engaged with the content produced.

So, how can brands utilise this? The sound stops the scroll in this world where content streams are omnipresent and infinite. Photos, stories, tweets, and videos are now a given, and producing content that activates multiple senses is essential. 88% of TikTok users said sound is crucial to the app’s experience.

From claiming a specific sound to creating your own (Users have used this TikTok sound across 10,400+ TikToks), sonic branding will surely pop off in 2023. So keep an ear out for it.

Live and Let Die 🎥:

With various platforms’ constant push for live affordances, such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, TikTok Live, and Instagram Live, live video became more widely used throughout the year.

Not too dissimilar to the ancient practice of telemarketing, now anybody with a phone in their pocket can begin to record unprocessed, unedited and unfiltered live videos. Anybody can now start to communicate exciting developments to their audience, capture the excitement of a brand event and even begin to sell some of their products natively on Livestream.

By enabling online buyers to view their products in real time, this trend allows marketers to forge better bonds with their clients. Lives will be critical in 2023 for brands pushing for authenticity and relatability – as the risks of lives often outweigh the positives. And it’s precisely those unmediated risks that bring in waves of dedicated viewers.

(Here at Spin, we expect a more prominent announcement on Instagram live shopping sometime early in 2023.)

AR / VR has arrived (again?) 👾:

Every year AR makes its way onto the trends list. But this year is the time to start capitalising on this trend. With a big expected push from Facebook, who are making the ‘meta-verse’ their thing, we expect to see great metrics across the board on all things Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Potentially a scary space, this will all be about utilising filters, gaming, audio and virtual influencer marketing to push online spaces forward. So, with a potential market of $800bn, get ready to enter the 3D world with your followers.

Tip: 💡 Creating virtual representations of products is a great way to begin to prepare for this coming shift.

Sooooo… Twitter 🐦:

Yeah, so a lot has been going on at Twitter, even in the last few days. The manic and volatile social media has become even more unpredictable thanks to Elon Musk’s acquisition. After dissolving Twitter’s board of directors, the site is clearly heading in a new direction.

One thing we can begin to plan for is the introduction of subscriptions, which Musk has spoken about many times during the buying process. For example, Twitter could start to charge brands a monthly fee to access analytics and a blue tick.

This, combined with celebrities beginning to leave the platform, could signal an end to Twitter. Or, at least, Twitter as we know it. We’ll keep our eyes peeled on this one!

More Fragmentation? 🤔:

Admit it, we all love an underdog. And, after Bereal’s overnight success (and to some extent TikTok’s), who knows what the future holds regarding new platforms? New social media sites like BeReal are projected to appear in 2023 to break into a VERY crowded industry.

However, while new platforms arise yearly with lofty claims of ‘revolutionising social media as we know it’, they mostly remain niche sites. Nonetheless, keeping an eye on any recent advancements in the sector is critical! That’s what our blog is for, though, right?

Are you feeling a little bit lost? We don’t blame you, and we are here to help. Spin is an award-winning pure-play social media agency that combines the sharpest creative minds with the most innovative performance specialists.

If you'd like to know how Spin can help you, hit the button below to arrange a chat or set us a brief.
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‍How Our April Fool’s Prank Went Viral

April Fools is that time of year when brands get to have a little fun, and social-first fun is definitely our sweet spot.

This year we were incredibly proud to have had three of our client’s April Fools campaigns recognised as some of the best in 2024. Our Marmite x Ann Summers collab was crowned 'Top April Fool's Prank of 2024' and our work with Princes and Napolina were also featured in The Grocer's 'Best Foodie Pranks' list.

The key to any successful, humour-led marketing campaign is getting the tone right and capturing the mood of the audience. So how do you create a campaign that builds momentum and gets your brand noticed?

When ideating across our clients, we ask ourselves a few key questions to spark those big ideas:

What are the biggest consumer trends right now?
The biggest trends often have the most impact because of that magic word: relevance. Think Pet Subscription Boxes from Gusto or CBD Hash Browns from Iceland.

What's too good to be true—the things your consumers dream of becoming a reality?

The cookie dough paint from Dulux sounds like something we'd love on our walls!

What's awkwardly close to possibility but, at the same time, downright mental?

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What's the most weird and wonderful collaboration we could possibly think of to stun your community?
AldiAir was one to remember!

After doing some blue-sky thinking, you want to focus on relevance. Is the idea relevant to your audience and is it aligned with your brand strategy? If the answer is yes, you might have your winning idea!

To get your creative juices flowing, here’s some insight into what Spin did this April Fool’s:

Our Ann Summers Marmite collaboration made no sense but was the epic result of two glorious British brands partnering together. It was a truly weird and wonderful collaboration that got our communities buzzing—and believe it or not, it fit our "too good to be true" category too, with our followers dying to try this unique lube concoction! (For better or worse!)

For Princes and their tuna drink, we tapped into trends of 'nutrition' and the recent broth phenomenon, we thought our audience would LOVE a tuna drink packed with protein and the good stuff! Filming it in that classic American infomercial style, we thought we could highlight just how great this drink is. Although people seemed more interested in a sunflower tuna drink 👀.

Cannes Lions: Fresh Takes from a Young Jury Member (and What They Mean for Your Brand)

Every year, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity brings together the brightest minds in advertising. This year, I had the incredible opportunity to be part of that energy, reviewing over 50 entries from the UK Young Lions.

As a judge, it was inspiring to see the next generation of creative firepower. But it wasn't just about spotting the "next big thing." The insights gleaned from these entries hold valuable lessons for established agencies and brands alike. Here's what stood out:

The Power of Fresh Perspectives:
Big agencies are known for their frameworks and processes. While these ensure consistency, some entries felt a bit…uninspired.  In contrast, the most exciting ideas often came from the most junior creatives. This is a powerful reminder that fresh perspectives can breathe new life into established brands.

Brand Brilliance:
The talent on the brand side was phenomenal.  It made me wonder: are these brilliant minds being fully utilised in-house?  There's a goldmine of creativity waiting to be tapped into.  Agencies and brands should work together to create an environment where brand voices can truly shine.

The Extra Mile Makes the Difference:
The entries that went the extra mile truly shined. This isn't about bells and whistles, but about a genuine commitment to the idea. Don't be afraid to push the boundaries and invest the time and energy to bring your vision to life. It shows.

Standing Out from the Crowd:
Unique ideas are rare gems. There were a few entries with near-identical concepts.  Breakthrough creativity requires taking risks and challenging the status quo. Don't settle for "good enough."  Strive to be truly remarkable.

Less is More:
Killer presentations are clear and concise.  Ditch the word clutter and focus on crafting a compelling narrative that showcases your idea's potential.

The Dream Team:
The true magic happens when exceptional copywriting meets eye-catching visuals.  Brands that can foster strong collaboration between their creative teams will be the ones that stand out.

The Future is Bright:
Being a Cannes Lions judge was a humbling experience.  The talent pool is overflowing with potential.  It's an exciting time for the advertising industry, and I can't wait to connect with these Young Lions in June with the Spin team.

What does this mean for your brand?
The insights from the Young Lions competition offer valuable takeaways for established brands:

  • Embrace fresh perspectives: Don't be afraid to tap into the creativity of your younger team members or partner with agencies that encourage out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Empower your brand team: Your brand ambassadors have a deep understanding of your audience and a unique voice. Give them the space to contribute meaningfully to your marketing strategy.
  • Invest in your ideas: Don't settle for mediocre. Give your team the resources and support they need to bring their big ideas to life.
  • Seek out unique solutions: Challenge the status quo and don't be afraid to take risks. Stand out from the crowd with truly remarkable campaigns.
  • Foster collaboration: The best creative results come from strong partnerships between copywriters, designers, and brand strategists.

By embracing these lessons, you can unlock the full potential of your brand's creative spirit and achieve Cannes-worthy results, even without entering the competition.

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