About Spin

Our passion is what drives us, our culture is what binds us, and our interest is what keeps us forever with one foot in the now, and one in the future.

Our founders

Max and Alex launched Spin in 2016 having initially met in the cycling industry.

They both found themselves in cycling but with a competitive advantage in, and passion for, social media - and that was the launchpad for Spin, a social agency built by people who understand the intended purpose and possible impact of social media done properly.

Over the following years, the Spin team grew in size and reputation - and now finds itself as the UK's leading social agency.

Having laid the foundations, brick by brick, Spin is now ready to continue to flourish and deliver outstanding work for the world's leading brands on social.

Our Values
Always Be Curious
Always Be Curious
Keep Up
Keep Up
Uphold High Standards
Uphold High Standards
Act With Initiative
Act With Initiative
Show Respect, Always
Show Respect, Always

Our team is made of creatives, strategists and marketeers. We’re based in London. Our brands are global.

Alex Bodini
Chief Executive Officer
Max Whicher
Chief Business Officer
Kerry Baird
Social Director
Katya Scott-Barrett
Creative Director
Alyssa Drysdale
Client Services Director
Lee Murray
Finance Director
Paaula Baxi
Performance Director
Nicholas Boyce
Data & Insights Director
Ahmed Omer
Marketing Director
Calvin Reeves
Group Account Director
Alex Cavadias
Senior Commercial Account Manager
Becca Titmuss
HR Manager
Emily Labrum
Influencer Lead
Grace Flusfeder
Performance Account Director
Charlotte Neil
Senior Account Manager
Kiran Sharma
Senior Paid Account Manager
Lauren Chevalier
Account Director
Godfrey Mercado
Production Lead
Jack Donaldson
Mid Weight Social Creative
Araminta Jurgen-Romrig
Senior Account Manager
Adam Holdsworth
Senior Video Editor
Raj Singh
Creative Strategist
Daisy Finnigan
Talent Acquisition Lead
Cherie Waugh
Graphic Designer
Melissa Cornelius
Account Manager
Amy Judd
Studio Manager
Georgia Hebdige
Social Content Producer
Julian Thomas
Community Manager
Elodie Riba
Account Manager
Lucia Phokou
Paid Account Manager
Harry Hight
Junior Graphic Designer
Annie Barlow
Paid Account Manager
Declan Guilfoyle
Junior Analyst
Jamie Cooper
Account Manager
Edward Tan
Junior Paid Account Manager
Ruby Koppenhagen
Junior Graphic Designer
Imogen Long
Account Manager
Shayla Eastmond
Junior Account Manager
George Shepherd
Junior Account Manager
Nella Pouani
Community Executive
Jacob Cardwell
Social Creative

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