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The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

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A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

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Everybody wants that coveted blue tick on their profile and we know you do too - no need to be modest 😉. Whilst they aren’t a direct endorsement from Facebook, they do signal notable and authentic accounts to the everyday user. This can obviously be incredibly useful when you become the victim of fake account impersonations or if you need to gain the trust of the masses. But like anything useful, they aren’t always easy to come by (in fact, the process can be quite the opposite). But fear not - because, here at Spin, we will guide you through every step of the process.

Firstly, it's really important to know that Facebook requires the following criteria to be met:

- You must be a real person or a registered business (easy, right?)

- The account must be the singular presence of what you are representing (except for multiple language needs for global accounts).

- The account must be public and have an about section, bio and profile picture (we can help you make a cracking profile).

- The account must have at least one post (make sure to make it a good one).

- It must represent a highly known brand or person (a tad tricky for newbies).

Secondly, Facebook verifies accounts that have been featured in multiple news sources. It's important to know that they don't consider promotional content to be part of this. This news source scan has recently been expanded to include more Black, LGBTQ+ and Latinx sources (wooo!). You can add up to five articles in your application to give Facebook as much context as possible. Don't be shy, it's your chance to show off all your good work.

After submitting, the process also involves Facebook examining your brand's “cultural impact” - pretty vague. Luckily, Facebook gives us some indication of what they search for through the following two prompts: has the account holder gone viral lately? Is the account holder creating a buzz in their community?

And then you wait. Sometimes for quite a while.

Something to bear in mind is that once you (hopefully) receive your blue tick, Facebook recommends creating a two-factor authentication as your account may become the victim of hackers trying to sell your prized possession. Don't let this happen after all your hard work.

If your account doesn't (currently) manage to meet the rigid criteria - don't fret! There are many other ways to let people know your account is authentic. That's exactly what we are experts at. Here are two quick tips:

- Always make sure to link your social accounts from your official website - and other social profiles (like Twitter/Linkedin). Make your own little verified ecosystem - who needs a blue tick anyway?

- Make sure your account produces quality, and meaningful, content. Show a little behind the scenes, create a Q&A with the founder and make the best looking feed the world has ever seen!

A big ask we know - but you can always keep your eyes peeled on our own Instagram for even more expert tips on how to do this. See what we did there? This account is authentic (this one… not so much). Happy Verifying!

If you'd like to know how Spin can help you, hit the button below to arrange a chat or set us a brief.
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10 Things I Learnt At LEAD 2024

Spin recently had the pleasure of sponsoring LEAD 2024, an event hosted by the AA, IPA and ISBA. It brought together the worlds of politics and advertising in a dialogue that was both timely and necessary. The event certainly surpassed our expectations, so I thought I’d share the ten key takeaways from the day:

  1. 2024 is a critical year. Over 2 billion people will be voting in elections this year, which has huge ramifications for the future of democracy.
  2. The UK isn’t in the best light at the moment, despite a 0.8% growth forecast, 90% of UK firms feel that the UK is a negative place to invest. Yes - you read that right.
  3. We are, however, the second-largest exporter of services in the world - something which I think often gets overlooked when we look at our key industries.
  4. Immigration, when viewed through a commercial rather than political lens, is a big issue - and many businesses are very worried about the new salary thresholds coming in April.
  5. The UK is one of the most ‘highly intense’ advertising markets in the world - very competitive and arguably over-saturated.
  6. “If you can’t charge a premium, you don’t have a brand” is a good way of summarising why advertising and brand matters, with point 5 in mind.
  7. Advertising, despite some negative impressions, is an essential cog in the free market to keep prices down (when all other prices are going up), allowing us access to news, content, and journalism.
  8. The UK ad market grew by 6% last year - worth noting in a time when it felt like budgets were being cut across the board. 
  9. Gordon Brown, a man who I thought was dour, and to be honest, depressing politician, was probably the best public speaker I have ever seen in my life. Practice makes perfect.
  10. Creative industries are growing at twice the rate of the rest of the economy - so let’s give them more credit.

Reflecting on LEAD 2024, it's clear that this year marks a significant moment for the advertising industry. The discussions underscored the importance of not only driving economic prosperity but doing so in a manner that is trusted, inclusive, and sustainable.

As Spin, we're proud to have been part of such a forward-thinking event. Our commitment has always been to ensure that we contribute positively to the industry's evolution. Here’s to a year of embracing change, driving innovation, and building a future where advertising is a cornerstone of a prosperous, equitable society.

Meet Spin at LEAD 2024

Spin is delighted to announce we are sponsoring LEAD 2024. The event is the the premier annual advertising summit in the UK, organised by the Advertising Association, together with the IPA and ISBA. The event takes place on 8 February 2024 at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster.

LEAD 2024 will be held as a full day event, featuring a cutting edge, content-driven agenda as well as offering outstanding opportunities to network with 400 senior-level professionals from across our combined memberships, who together cover the entire advertising industry.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with the Spin team, please feel free to contact us at

Spin appoints ex GroupM & IPG marketing director in preparation for its next phase of growth

London (22nd November 2023): Spin, the leading social media agency, has appointed Ahmed Omer as their new Marketing Director. Bringing a wealth of experience in marketing and a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), Ahmed is set to lead and amplify the strategic marketing efforts at Spin, aligning with the agency’s ambitious growth objectives.

Prior to joining Spin, Ahmed was a key figure at IPG Mediabrand’s Reprise, serving as Group Marketing Director and contributed significantly to their ethnic and religious diversity Employee Resource Group, Heritage. His professional journey includes a four-year tenure at GroupM, where he began at Xaxis, GroupM’s programmatic agency, before being promoted to a wider role. Notably, Ahmed also oversaw the INCA brand, GroupM’s influencer marketing arm, which has since merged the GOAT agency.

Ahmed’s dedication to mentoring and fostering inclusive leadership is evidenced through his active roles with MEFA and Bloom. His efforts were recognised in 2021 when he was named an Empower Ethnic Minority Future Leader, a testament to his contribution to enhancing inclusivity within the business sphere.

In discussing his new role, Ahmed shares, “I am thrilled to join Spin as their first Marketing Director. Social media is a field I'm deeply passionate about, especially with my significant involvement in the launch of INCA. What drew me to Spin was their exceptional social media expertise, creative excellence, global presence, and vibrant culture. Spin truly is the industry’s best-kept secret, and I'm excited to help elevate the brand’s profile and amplify our voice in the global social media landscape.”

Max Whicher, Co-founder of Spin, expressed his enthusiasm about Ahmed’s joining, stating, “Ahmed’s blend of strategic marketing prowess and passion for social media make him an invaluable addition to our leadership team. His vision aligns seamlessly with our ethos at Spin, and we are excited about the fresh perspectives and robust strategies he brings to the table.” This new appointment signals Spin’s continued dedication to strengthening its leadership team and becoming a leader in the social media industry.

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