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What’s a Rich Text element?

The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

Static and dynamic content editing

A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

How to customize formatting for each rich text

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Start-ups can sometimes spend hours labouring over the creation of beautiful assets and producing a cohesive feed with engaging visuals - but their content still underperforms on every single post. Why?

The answer is obviously very context-dependent and complex, but a determining key factor tends to be the quality of copy they are producing (or not).

Captions are the unsung heroes of social media marketing. And unfortunately, they are often an afterthought considered too short or insignificant to be worthy of much attention. However, all it takes is one well-crafted caption to make your social media post go viral. And, if done right, captions can be one of your greatest assets for content marketing.

We often give primacy to visuals within our culture - specifically within a lot of marketing circles. However, what makes social media so exciting is its fluid relationship between multiple types of communication. We only need to think about TikTok and its reliance on sonic soundscapes, or Twitter and its backbone of words/language. Because of this, social media is absolutely a space where solid visuals are not the only recipe for success.

Of course, what makes a solid piece of copy is always changing. Luckily, at Spin, we have a team of expert copywriters who have some of the best tips and tricks to produce the best captions going.

1. Tone of voice is more important than anything else. You could craft the perfect caption that grabs attention and has a clear and solid call to action; but, if it doesn’t fit the tone of the brand it simply won’t work. Before getting out your notepad and scribbling ideas for copy - make sure you have a robust tone of voice guide to refer back to. This is very important.

2. Social media is a fast-paced landscape (duh). When we scroll down your feeds we never stop to read every post - and you probably skip longer and more complex posts. Most people do this, so make sure your copy is short and sweet. At Spin, we use a method where we write ‘poetically’ first then cut it down with no mercy. Aim to delete any word that is not essential.

(On that note there is a TLDR. So, if you are having a lazy read scroll down 😉)

3. Copy must also always compliment the visuals. It seems like a no brainer, but so much copy takes a fractured tone from the content it is placed directly next to. Use copy as a way to provide context to the asset, and an asset as a way to provide context to the copy - think of it as a symbiotic relationship embedded throughout the whole creative process. The two will end up displayed together, so make sure you have a collaborative process where designers and copywriters work together. The disconnect between the two is often obvious and awkward (never mind the fact it makes the copywriter’s job very difficult).

4. Creating copy with value is also an important quota to hit. Educate your audience and allow them to gain something in reward for not scrolling past your post, and let them know to come back for more. Frantic copy obsessed with summer sales, new products and influencers (BUY BUY BUY) doesn’t make viewers feel compelled to keep coming back. Within the copy, ask questions that matter to your audience - and listen to what they say. People genuinely like chatting with brands - and the copy facilitates this chat. Again, this highlights the merits of having a robust pipeline. Community managers can report back to copywriters on what is working ‘on the ground’ - and then flag when other things are not.

5. Emotion is important - and it should be imbued into every piece of social media copy. To do this, we can learn a lot from the ‘everyday account’. A big part of 2021 has been bigger brands attempting to humanise. Unless you are an AI copywriter (🤖), we are going to assume that you are human. So just get into the mindset of writing your own Instagram captions - and just write it out. If you were posting these polished assets onto your feed what would you say? A little sarcastic joke? A short and snappy quote? A singular emoji? Then, afterwards, edit and cut it to fit the vibe of your brand. What you will (hopefully) end up with is a hybrid of authentic and relatable, yet also smart business captions. Put your human hat on, and THEN your brand hat.

It is always a good idea to keep your eye on what people's personal accounts are doing. Usually, they spearhead the trends way before big businesses jump on board. Cutting edge and fashionable copywriting seems to always come from the bottom upwards - we can learn a lot from ‘non-professionals’. Don't be a snob.

6. Vague captions don’t work. Seriously. With a quick Google search, you might find articles claiming that various forms of “psychology” (used loosely) show that you can subtly manipulate the reader but it’s just best to directly say what you want. A great summer sale link in bio? Tell them! Want lots of comments - just say. While nobody wants a feed that makes their brand look like corporate try-hards, most followers are under no qualms that you are a brand and are not running an account purely for fun. Have a solid call to action that doesn’t beat around the bush.

5 and 6 lead to a tricky dichotomy. On the one hand, you are trying to appear ‘genuine and ‘authentic’ yet on the other hand you have something to sell. To be blunt,

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Spin Wins Global Social Media Award!

We're thrilled to announce that Spin has won the Best Charity/Non-Profit Campaign award at this year's Global Social Media Awards for work with UICC.

Our campaign was celebrated for its innovative use of video strategy, which the judges described as "exceptionally clever." By integrating creativity uniquely and effectively, we crafted a campaign that not only captivated audiences but also drove substantial engagement and support for a vital cause. The judges were particularly impressed by our approach to the brief, highlighting our "strong creative idea and insightful execution."

One of the key challenges we faced was operating within strict budget constraints. However, this limitation only fuelled our creativity, pushing us to think outside the box and maximise every resource at our disposal. The result was a campaign that not only achieved its goals but did so with flair and efficiency, proving that creativity thrives under pressure.

Max Whicher and Alex Bodini, co-founders of Spin, shared their excitement about the win: "We are immensely proud of our team for their hard work and creativity. This award reflects our commitment to supporting charitable causes through powerful social media storytelling. It's a privilege to see our efforts recognised on such a prestigious platform."

This victory at the Global Social Media Awards is not just a win for Spin but a win for creativity and social good. We look forward to continuing to break barriers and create impactful campaigns that resonate widely and deeply.

To learn more about our award-winning approach and how we can help your organisation make a significant impact, please get in touch with us below.

Thank you to the Global Social Media Awards for this incredible honour and to everyone who continues to support our journey. Here's to more creativity, more impact, and more wins in the future!

‍How Our April Fool’s Prank Went Viral

April Fools is that time of year when brands get to have a little fun, and social-first fun is definitely our sweet spot.

This year we were incredibly proud to have had three of our client’s April Fools campaigns recognised as some of the best in 2024. Our Marmite x Ann Summers collab was crowned 'Top April Fool's Prank of 2024' and our work with Princes and Napolina were also featured in The Grocer's 'Best Foodie Pranks' list.

The key to any successful, humour-led marketing campaign is getting the tone right and capturing the mood of the audience. So how do you create a campaign that builds momentum and gets your brand noticed?

When ideating across our clients, we ask ourselves a few key questions to spark those big ideas:

What are the biggest consumer trends right now?
The biggest trends often have the most impact because of that magic word: relevance. Think Pet Subscription Boxes from Gusto or CBD Hash Browns from Iceland.

What's too good to be true—the things your consumers dream of becoming a reality?

The cookie dough paint from Dulux sounds like something we'd love on our walls!

What's awkwardly close to possibility but, at the same time, downright mental?

Think Guinness Cologne or The Sainsbury’s Double Decker Trolley (though we're less sure about its practicality here!)

What's the most weird and wonderful collaboration we could possibly think of to stun your community?
AldiAir was one to remember!

After doing some blue-sky thinking, you want to focus on relevance. Is the idea relevant to your audience and is it aligned with your brand strategy? If the answer is yes, you might have your winning idea!

To get your creative juices flowing, here’s some insight into what Spin did this April Fool’s:

Our Ann Summers Marmite collaboration made no sense but was the epic result of two glorious British brands partnering together. It was a truly weird and wonderful collaboration that got our communities buzzing—and believe it or not, it fit our "too good to be true" category too, with our followers dying to try this unique lube concoction! (For better or worse!)

For Princes and their tuna drink, we tapped into trends of 'nutrition' and the recent broth phenomenon, we thought our audience would LOVE a tuna drink packed with protein and the good stuff! Filming it in that classic American infomercial style, we thought we could highlight just how great this drink is. Although people seemed more interested in a sunflower tuna drink 👀.

Cannes Lions: Fresh Takes from a Young Jury Member (and What They Mean for Your Brand)

Every year, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity brings together the brightest minds in advertising. This year, I had the incredible opportunity to be part of that energy, reviewing over 50 entries from the UK Young Lions.

As a judge, it was inspiring to see the next generation of creative firepower. But it wasn't just about spotting the "next big thing." The insights gleaned from these entries hold valuable lessons for established agencies and brands alike. Here's what stood out:

The Power of Fresh Perspectives:
Big agencies are known for their frameworks and processes. While these ensure consistency, some entries felt a bit…uninspired.  In contrast, the most exciting ideas often came from the most junior creatives. This is a powerful reminder that fresh perspectives can breathe new life into established brands.

Brand Brilliance:
The talent on the brand side was phenomenal.  It made me wonder: are these brilliant minds being fully utilised in-house?  There's a goldmine of creativity waiting to be tapped into.  Agencies and brands should work together to create an environment where brand voices can truly shine.

The Extra Mile Makes the Difference:
The entries that went the extra mile truly shined. This isn't about bells and whistles, but about a genuine commitment to the idea. Don't be afraid to push the boundaries and invest the time and energy to bring your vision to life. It shows.

Standing Out from the Crowd:
Unique ideas are rare gems. There were a few entries with near-identical concepts.  Breakthrough creativity requires taking risks and challenging the status quo. Don't settle for "good enough."  Strive to be truly remarkable.

Less is More:
Killer presentations are clear and concise.  Ditch the word clutter and focus on crafting a compelling narrative that showcases your idea's potential.

The Dream Team:
The true magic happens when exceptional copywriting meets eye-catching visuals.  Brands that can foster strong collaboration between their creative teams will be the ones that stand out.

The Future is Bright:
Being a Cannes Lions judge was a humbling experience.  The talent pool is overflowing with potential.  It's an exciting time for the advertising industry, and I can't wait to connect with these Young Lions in June with the Spin team.

What does this mean for your brand?
The insights from the Young Lions competition offer valuable takeaways for established brands:

  • Embrace fresh perspectives: Don't be afraid to tap into the creativity of your younger team members or partner with agencies that encourage out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Empower your brand team: Your brand ambassadors have a deep understanding of your audience and a unique voice. Give them the space to contribute meaningfully to your marketing strategy.
  • Invest in your ideas: Don't settle for mediocre. Give your team the resources and support they need to bring their big ideas to life.
  • Seek out unique solutions: Challenge the status quo and don't be afraid to take risks. Stand out from the crowd with truly remarkable campaigns.
  • Foster collaboration: The best creative results come from strong partnerships between copywriters, designers, and brand strategists.

By embracing these lessons, you can unlock the full potential of your brand's creative spirit and achieve Cannes-worthy results, even without entering the competition.

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